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The most In-depth and Experience-based Marine Electro-Mechanical Trainings in the Philippines 

Training Courses

Training hours: 9am-5pm

We train from our Experience as a Ship Repair Company

The best Marine Electro-Mechanical training you can get

Hands-on Training

Our training courses are focused on the troubleshooting related to the actual job of marine engineers and marine electricians. We prepare several practical activities on marine machineries, accessories, parts and simulators developed by Shuttle Marine.

Trade Test

Trainees will experience actual troubleshooting scenarios which can assess your knowledge, understanding and proficiency of your technical skills.

Ship Repair Experience


With more than 15,000+ job orders in 30 years, you'll definitely be trained by the best.

Marine Electro-Mechanical Training


We train our Field Engineers and Service Technicians to be at par or even be better than the rest of our competitors. Now, we are offering the most  intensive hands-on training on most major equipment onboard.

Sense of Community


We are not just a training center but we are a community where ETO's, ETRs & Marine Engineers are able to encourage, support, and consult with each other with their daily trends and marine troubleshooting problems.

We are looking for Professionals